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Contoh dialog naskah drama singkat bahasa Inggris, buat adik-adik sekolah bisa dijadikan referensi contoh dibawah ini pada mata pelajaran bahasa inggris

The story of seven friends of friends who met at the start of entry univ and separated shortly after a degree, they initially met did not know each other's first group of women with women, men with young men but older men are already familiar with each inter- their other friends from high school, and eventually they became close friends because at that time ....

Inwardly bella, mody, inekke and sandy >> Hopefully today I can meet someone who not lk about it and ask mody) ohh yeah what's up, why are you talking about me?

Bella: No, I'm just talking about our introductions this morning
Sandy: Yeah right mody wealthy friends my old friends, and of course a good ..
Bella: (Sitting alone in the garden)
Inekke: Hello, why are you alone here?? Sandy: Why do not you just go there there is certainly a lot more friends. (Question inekke to a shared sandy bella)
Bella: No, I'm here alone and I know belom student here, I was still the same kid acquaintance whose name Mody, but do not know where he is now
Sandy: Mody? Not that she's majoring in design, right?
Mody: (Mody and accidentally running someone else ta
Inekke: It is true what they say
Tomy: hey, what's likely why you fuss?? (Tomy way to approach the four-woman)
Adit: yes why??
Mody: there is fine,
Ben: Yeah,,, you want to know the affairs of girl (ben criticism)
Adit: ehh it's up to me yeahh, is not tom?
Tomy: yes dit, ehh yeah ben ye come come already so (said adit)
Sandy: hello, why the hell is the matter with you guys so they chatty (said sandy)
Mody: yes yes, we yet acquaintances, my name mody
Sandy: I name sandy
Bella: bella my name,
Ben: My name is ben
Adit: my name adit
Tommy: I tomy name
Mody: all already know it? Already be quiet again,
Ben: yes true be quiet yeah
Tomy: yuk friends to the cafeteria, I'm hungry
Adit: yes, let's go to the canteen I'm hungry too
Ben: I already.. lazy breakfast this morning
Sandy: yes ben too hungry this morning feeling you've eaten while I yet.
Bella: Fine, us to the canteen
Mody: let's ...

-> long ime in they realize that they are no classes that afternoon and they decided to disband

Mody: Hello, where are the others?? (Greetings mody the morning to ben and tomy)
Ben: I do not know it seems like they have not come all,
Mody: Tumben you come early?? (Question mody to tommy and ben a lecture one department)
Tommy: is not it today I have a class in the morning
Ben: nah he adit, inekke, and sandy (which the majors courses)
Tomy: hello ... (hello 3 teens from a distance)
Adit: hello,, you have a class in the morning too??
Ben: yes ..
Bella: she's lazy if there is a class in the morning, can not sleep as much
Inekke: true really, but I had a wonderful dream, but because alarm s , shattered dreams I. ..
Tomy: hahahaha, there's no course you inekke (said tomy)
Bella: Yeah yeah I've ready time this class, then at 7 pm there is a new movie to watch together because, how? You do not agree?
Adit: I still agree
Inneke: yeah agreed there today's birthday
Sandy: Who Inneke a birthday today?
Inekke; yes bella dong ...
-> Happy B'day bella ... (pronounced simultaneously)
Sandy: Do not forget ya bella?? I'll be waiting ..

Ben: yes yes, .. do not forget ..
Inekke, tomy, adit, mody and sandy: don’t forget bella ....
Bella: ihh why do this, damn I really need to watch your treat,,
Mody: not what martial something once a year right?
Sandy: yes bell .. yes?
Bella: iya iya
Adit: yes so dong,, bella either deh ..
Ben: You were dit .. if anyone wants it
Bella: hahahahaha
Tomy: uda first yes I have entered this class ..
Ben: ohh yeah we're no class ...
Adit, inekke, sandy, bella, and mody: yes I forgot that there is a class ...
Expression -> mody forgotten, fall and rise again
Sandy: ok see you do not forget it all, at seven in the cinema 21
Tomy, ben, bella, mody, inekke, adit: okkk (say the same)
 seven hours, they meet and celebrate the 18th anniversary of bella
Inekke, sandy, tomy, mody, bend an adit: happy birthday bella, good longevity ... muaaachhhhh (pronounced togrther)
Defense: Thank you all ...
-> The event is over and they go home each and 2 years later ..
Today will test uts and they seldom met because I was busy working on thesis
Sandy: Friends I'm looking forward to the results of passing this we ..
Mody; really hope we pass
Ben: Tomorrow's anounnocement, so pray ..
Adit: yeah just do not get too relaxed in mind
Inekke: true said adit
Tomy: iya iya ..
Bela: aja hopefully we all graduated and became a proud graduate
-> amen pronounce all)

Day has arrived pegumuman changed ...
And it turns out they passed a degree, they are very happy because they get through the difficult course with his good friend dansetia to them and understanding ...

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