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One day in the popular schools in the city one very familiar in Indonesia. High School name "VanLite" at school was just a rich kid and smart people who can go to school. And the school include a music school and when the school will hold a musical art performance to welcome the school day so that to 57 years. By the time children are in the classroom came the teacher named Mr. Sincester him that will be held at the performing arts school. Here's story ... 

Mr. Sin                  : Good morning children
                               Good morning sir ..
(Answer pupils simultaneously)
Mr. Sin                  : Soon we will hold a school musical art performance was very snug, no                                 performing arts Singing, Dance and many others.
Lea                         : As if the event is held in any event sir??
Mr. Sin                  : Ohh yeah sorry i forgot to tell performing arts event was held in                     
                                commemoration of the anniversary of our school to 57 years
Sandy                    : If I want to be how to pack?
Mr. Sin                  : If you wish to attend this event please tell me just fine ..
Tomy                     : Ready pack ..
                                                              Mr. Sin left the class ..
Mody                    : what a performing arts event ..
not important at all .. (Said Mody did not                            
Eunice                   : You do not say that mody, to appreciate what is going on by the school's plan .. (Eunice scolds)
Mody                    : It's your child so outdated, replace it before your glasses .. (Said mody to Eunice with angry face)
Adit                        : Yes rightly said Eunice mody ..
Sandy                    : mody yes I agree with what they said .. You have to respect them.
Lea                         : It was you guys do not fight ..
Tommy                 : Yeah already have .. How is the event that will be held our school .. The period we do not follow the show ..
Sandy                    : Yeah how is this friend??
Adit                        : How do ya?? What can I participate in your group??
Eunice                   : It may simply be to merge ..
Adit                         : Thanks for your very good friend once ..
Eunice                   : What mody not participate with our group??
Sandy                    : indeed, what is mody care to join us?
Adit                        : Of course he wants .. Try asking lea ..
Lea                         : Mody do you want to join the performing arts with us??
Mody                    : what?? I'm a show like that?? Lazy once
Tomy                     : mody why will not you come??
Mody                    : The point is I do not want to!!
Sandy                    : Come friend if she does not want yes it does not need to force it ..
Tommy                 : Yeah right, we better together to pack sin inquire about this event ..
Sandy                    : OK ..
                         Bell has sounded break we all want to see pak sin, to ask about the terms                                                                                                what requirements must be met when implementing these performances.
Adit                        : Good afternoon sir?? Can I come in?? (Question adit tapping
                               The office door mr. sin)
Mr. Sin                  : Yes, please come in. .. What is it lea?
Lea                         : I would like to ask Mr.
What are the requirements to participate in this art scene??
Mr. Sin                  : The Requirement you just have to have a group that should contain six members, and you lea, I choose you to be its chairman.
Lea                         : Okay sir!
Sandy                    : Must be six members of the pack?
Mr. Sin                  : Yeah must sandy .. and it is very important to the value of literary art as our practice exams ...
Tommy                 : Yeah, ready to pack .. thank you ..
Mody                    : What business does the same pack you sin? Until you have to go to non mr. sin?
Eunice                   : Ask anything, does not concern you!!!
Mody                    : Alright .. why should I take matters too important not so (last mody left his friends)
Tomy                     : Wait .. without mody we can not follow this stage friends .. Because only mody can and character as mody matching of all children ..
Lea                         : It was a friend ..
Adit                        : What to do this?
Sandy                    : Let's just go mody, but well well yeah, do not have the emotion ..
Eunice                   : hai mody,
Mody                    : There is what you come to me? There are important matters huh?
Lea                         : We beseech you want to fulfill our request ..
Mody                    : It's what you want to ask me?
Tomy                     : We want you to want to become a member of our grub, to attend the performing arts in this school ...
Mody                    : Indeed you will make the show what the art scene?
Eunice                   : Singing along .. and it is imperative to get the value of the literary arts practice exams ..
Mody                    : let me try
Adit                        : mody thanks, that's so young should not be selfish ... appreciate your friend,  friend left the mody mody friends ... and the next day they start training ..

Sandy                    : Let Mody exercise ..
Mody                    : what should now exercise?
Sandy                    : yes mody ..
Mody                    : Well ...
Adit                        : let's sin was in the waiting pack in the school hall
Pak sin                  : let your children are ready for exercise?
                    Concurrent answer ready pack ...Children But only mody are less excited ..
Lea                         : Mody spirit of dong ..
Mody                    : yes, well ...
Mr. Sin                  : Mody, are you exhausted so your face does not look excited?
Mody                    : There is not anything sir ..
Mr. Sin                  : Well then ..
let's start training ..
                                                They sings ..
Lea                         : Mody spirit ..
Mody                    : yeah yeahh .. deh shut up already!!
                                                                Singing again ...
Mr. Sin                  : hey ... where your expresi mody???
Mody                    : This is expression pack ..
Mr. Sin                  : Well .. we exercise enough these days ..
Because you are not excited about ... useless
Eunice                   : We are excited pack .. mody do not just mean -
indeed followed.
Mody                    : What you say!!! I did not mean - really, I mean -
It's just a pompous know you!
Lea                         :was not fighting, we are excited for party must more
                               later, if you keep arguing how the bias we follow the play.
Sandy                    : true lea said, why do have to fight, we finish it all with
presence of mind
tomy                     : it's true .. come on do not fight anymore ...
Adit                        : It's the art scene less how many days?
Tomy                     : Stage artistic least 5 days ..
Mody                    : What?? Less than five days?
Sandy                    : therefore we have to seriously exercise ..
Tomy                     : spirit ..
                                                                Four days later ..
Mr. Sin                  : How do children today is our last day of training ..
                               And we have to be serious .. No chance for the second time .. and we have           to be serious this time ...
                              Ready sir ... (with the eager faces)
                              The six exercises singing along with vibrant.
Lea                         : Okay guys!! More spirit longer exercise time, and for you mody
                               Follow this exercise with mean - really
Mody                    : huft ... yeah .. yeah ..
                               mid-workout ...
Eunice                   : mody!! You're stepping on my foot .. not bias the hell are you more careful
Mody                    : oops ... yeah I do not know if my feet were stomping nike feet.
Eunice                   : sorry you said. I know for sure you accidentally stepped on my foot right ..
Mody                    : hey do any talking you!!
Sandy                    : gosh ...!! Why fight again, you'd better nike for away from mody.
Pak sin                  : what else is there! Remember!! It's the last day you exercise, so I beg
                               Mean - indeed it
                                                                They replied "Yes sir .."
   Then they start training again, but do not know why they are so complementary and not                                                quarrel anymore. And so he began to mody also mean - it's training.
Mr. Sin                  : wow ..! I was waiting - waiting, I hope you'll distaging
                               better than exercise today.
Lea                         : nice mody you last .. thank you because it meant -
                               indeed follow this exercise.
Mody                    : yes .. I realized my mistake.
Sandy                    : wah nice it ..
                            staging day has arrived they prepared - ready for the dressing to be used in later   performances.
Tomy                     : what are you ready ..
Adit                        : ready dong ..
Lea                         : eh .. I think men are less wait ok ..
Sandy                    : emangnya who???
Mody                    : eunikkkee ......
Leah                      : well .. where he is!!

 As for staging invite all participants to sit in a chair that has been provided by the clerk.

Mr. Sin                  : hallo all goodnight all!! Welcome to the staging SMP Raja Jempol in commemoration of the anniversary of our school - 57 where our school was first built. Yeah .. Our school will also feature a tribute to the show this evening's entertainment

                            The mody, sandy lea, tomy, and adit frantically looking for Eunice
Tomy                     : how is this show is about to begin!
Adit                        : serious!
Sandy                    : lea!! Try phone or SMS him
Lea                         : This has been tried, but not removed .
                                                5 Minutes later ..
Eunice                   : hay ... sorry I'm late, was really bad.
Sandy                    : Where the hell have you .. the show would begin
Lea                         : yes it .. we are looking for you where - where taau, tetelepon not removed,                        SMS not in anyway no reply
Eunice                   : yeah sorry ...
Mody                    : already!! Do not fight change your shirt there.
Eunice                   : yeah …
Mr. Sin                  : The next participant! Here it is our show of musical drama students - students
Our applause
tomy                     : let's get up to the stage
                       And they performed very extraordinary. It's unexpected 10 minutes later ...  after they finish
Lea                         : I did not think we would be this good performance
Sandy                    : of course ...
Mody                    : yes, of course .. forgive me, O friend, that I've been ...
Eunice                   : we have forgiven anyway
Adit                        : how we are friends only, so that we are biased together - together.
Tomy                     : a great idea that
Mody                    : agree ...
                         Finally they decided to be friends forever, and mody also eventually want to make friends with them ...


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